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Beginner Psi
Intermediate Psi
What can I practice psi on?
Advanced Psi
Psi balls and Shapes
Psi Manipulation


Telekinesis Tech 1
Sit down and stare at the object that you wish to move. Now, with any type of energy, start making a wall of energy in front of you. When the wall is finished, visualize it as a wall of glass. Put your hand(s) out in front of you and shoot out a little ki to push the wall. Send the wall crashing into the object. With any luck, the item will budge a little. Start with something small, like a cheap plastic ring.

Telekinesis Tech 2
Once again, get in a relaxed state in front of the item. Close your eyes and become familiar with the energy in that room. With your eyes still closed, visualize the object SLOWLY start to move. Re-run the event over and over again in your mind. Open your eyes and see if there was an effect. If there wasn't, then you either didn't put enough time into it, or you don't meditate enough to have a clear mind.
Telekinesis Tech 3
Close your eyes and relax in front of the object. Focus on your aura. Visualize a hand coming from your brain. As it comes out, so is your aura. Slowly lead the hand towards the object. Lead the hand as you would any other. Let it grasp the object. Make it have a tight grip. Now SLOWLY push/pull the object. If your concentration is good enough, you can even try picking it up to make the item float. Open your eyes and look at what is happening.

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