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Intermediate Psi
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Intermediate Psi
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Intermediate Psi

Intermediate Psi Techniques
Spoon/Fork Bending
Find the utensil of choice, fork or spoon.  Now hold the utensil in your hands and sit in a quiet space while breathing deeply and relaxing.  Escape mentally from all sounds and thoughts.  Now with your eyes shut, rub your fingers lightly over the surface of the utensil's handle.  Feel the surface without necessarily thinking about it.  Become a "part" of it.  Visualize the atoms of the metal mixing with the atoms of your fingers and the air so that they flow together.  Visualize it melting into liquid.  This will take a few attempts. You will actually begin to feel the energy and warmth on the metal.  At the moment you feel the momentum of the energy, Bend it with your mind!
Psi Wheel

Take a metal thumbtack (the kind with a flat, circular base) and set it so that the sharp end is pointing upward. Now take a small square of white paper, about 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch (maybe even smaller), and carefully balance it on top of the tack. You can replace the bit of paper with a piece of carefully cut aluminum foil if you feel more comfortable with metallic energies.  Now sit in front of the "psi-wheel" you have just created. Stare on one corner of the square of paper. Focus all your energy on that one corner, willing the paper to start turning on top of the point. Imagine the wheel (the paper) begins to spin on the axis (the tack). Hold your concentration for as long as it takes for you to get it spinning.  Once you get the hang of this try makin the psi wheel fall off the tack.

Psi Wheel (tech 2)

Get the psi wheel ready.  Now calm yourself anyway you like or works best for you.  When done put your hands around or by the psi wheel and visualize a psi ball forming in your hands and around the psi wheel spinning really fast.  Concentrate and focus on the psi ball spinning really fast and moving the psi wheel with it.

Psi Wheel (tech 3)

OK, first make a psi ball in your hands, then when you are getting ready to put the psi ball on the psi wheel, say in your mind: "Please help me with this psi wheel, make it move." then slowly put the psi ball on the psi wheel, it should move.

Swinging on a String

Cut a piece of thread about 10 inches long. Tie a wide object to it, like a needle, a toothpick, or a short piece of a wooden rod. Hang the string so that you can sit comfortably in front of the hanging object.  Sit far enough away from the string so that you know you aren't making the object spin with your breathing. Let the object come to a complete stop, not turning at all in midair.  Take a deep breath.  Focus all your attention on one side of the object, right or left, it doesn't matter which. Imagine the object slowly turning as if your mind was really pushing against that side of it. You can use your fingers to "point" your energy, but do not touch the object.  Once it starts to turn, and who knows how long it will take you to get this far, imagine that your energy pushes it faster so it speeds up. It should turn with greater momentum.  Practice this. Once you get the hang of it, keep using this method to get the object to swing instead of just spin.  Good luck practicing.

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