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Advanced Psi
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Advanced Psi
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Advanced Psi

Moving a small object

Choose a small, lightweight object, preferably made of a light metal, such as a cheap ring.  Clear your mind completely. You should have NO distractions whatsoever, and try not to let erroneous thoughts into your mind, or you will lose your focus. Concentration is vital.  Build a "tunnel" between you and the object. Visualize this tunnel between yourself and the object. You only see the object. Everything else is outside of the tunnel, and thus, outside of your view.  Now, imagine your mind's hands coming out and pulling the object in. Once you feel the pull, you might want to make sounds in your head that suggest a strong magnetic field (nnnn.... nnn.... nnnn.... ) It may sound silly, but it works! Don't expect this to work the first time you try it. It might, but there is also a chance it will not. Try, try again! If you cannot devote your time and patience to this, don't bother trying it at all.

Psychic Message

Look at the person whom you are wanting to speak to and see their mind as a Black hole thats sucking in anything . Now visualize your mind as a White shinning star and reach out with your Psi, make a Connection with that person but seeing a bridge between your mind and theirs . Make it like an electrical current, like a volt of lighting thats transfering thoughts constantly, or see a blue tube made of chi connecting you two through the minds . Send your message word by word into their mind and when it hits the black hole visualize it going down into them . Make the words Thicker to make them heard louder, such as
" Be at peace " as normal but for shouting more of " SILENCE !
" .
( Ive learned that many people are natural * recievers * and some are natural
  * Speakers *, meaning some people wont hear you as well because they are used to either speaking instead of listening )

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