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Beginner Psi
Beginner Psi
Intermediate Psi
What can I practice psi on?
Advanced Psi
Psi balls and Shapes
Psi Manipulation

Beginner Psi Techniques 

Psi Balls

Cup your hands and visualize your mind's energy flowing into the ball.  The longer you do this the stronger the psi ball will be. 

Compressing Psi

To compress psi and make it stronger you need to make a psi ball.  When done with the psi ball spread your hands and visualize the psi ball growing in size.  Now push your hands closer to eachother and visualize the ball shrinking in size and becoming denser.  Do this for a minute or so.

Compressing Psi Technique 2

Make a psi ball.  Now visualize it getting denser and denser.  Do this for about a minute or so.


Programming is a cool skill used to control your psi.  First, make a good solid psi ball and make your intent clear.  Now visualize the event of the psi ball doing what you want it to do over and over again.

Programming Technique 2

Make an good, solid psi ball like you would, and visualize text saying what you want it to do going into the psi ball.  Then let it go.

Programming Technique 3

Make a good psi ball, solid and good, and visualize the center point on the psi ball.  Now visualize the event going into the psi ball and going what you want it to do.
Programming Technique 4
Make a psi ball (you should know to do this by now) and visualize a drop down list appearing from the psi ball with options, now visualize your selected option appearing on the list.  Visualize the option you want being selected, now let go of your psi ball.

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