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Psi Balls and shapes
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Psi balls and Shapes
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Psi balls and shapes

Psi Ball

First, cup your hands and visualize energy from your mind flowing into the ball.  When done for a while, you should start to feel a throb, pulse, or heat in your hands.  Congratulations! you have made a psi ball
Psi Shapes

Psi shapes can be done the same way as psi balls, VISUALIZATION.  Or you can mold them into the shapes you choose with your mind and hands.

Psi Shield

To make a shield you need to direct your energy to form around you in the shape of something that makes you feel safe.While you are doing this focus on the thought that it will protect you from what you want it to protect you from...most likely other can be used to protect from physical attacks but it requires an enormous amount of energy.  After you have a good amount of energy, focus it to become solid then let go.  Ther are many more ways to make psi shields, experiment and see which works best for you.

Psi Sword
Hold out your hand and close your hand enough so it looks like you're holding something small such as one of those bats for little kids.  Now pull psi from your third eye by visualization and make it flow down your arm and into your hand forming a sword.  The more energy you add to it the stronger the sword will be.  Try stabbing something with the sword and program it to stay in the object and not to fade away or dissipate, then try pulling the sword out.


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